Met Vietnamese Restaurant & Vegetarian Food
from Hanoi Old Quarter to Hoi An Ancient Town.

The story behind ​Met Vietnamese

MET: Where Food and Culture Connect

MET Vietnamese Restaurant & Vegetarian Food is a special restaurant that combines traditional Vietnamese flavors with a variety of dishes. With the goal of providing customers with a diverse and rich culinary experience, MET is proud to use fresh and high-quality ingredients.

The MET restaurant is designed with a spacious, luxurious, and quintessentially Vietnamese space. The details in the space, such as the full and colorful trays of food, natural wooden tables and chairs, and decorative items, give customers a sense of peace and familiarity, as if they were in a traditional Vietnamese home.

About Our

MẸT Vietnamese Restaurant & Vegetarian

MẸT Vietnamese Restaurant & Vegetarian is a proud Vietnamese restaurant with over 10 years of experience, located in Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi. We are honored to be in the top 5 most loved Vietnamese restaurants, always striving to bring diners unique and impressive culinary experiences.

Authentic Vietnamese Cuisine

MẸT offers a diverse menu featuring signature dishes from the North, Central, and South of Vietnam. Each dish is carefully prepared, preserving the traditional flavors and presented with sophistication.

Vegan Menu

Understanding the increasing demand from customers, MẸT provides a rich vegan menu that is nutritious and equally appealing. Vegan dishes are made from natural, fresh ingredients, offering a clean taste and good health benefits.

Authentic Vietnamese cuisine ...
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