Bamboo Tube Grilled Meat

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April 5, 2024

Bamboo Tube Grilled Meat – A Dish with Bold Flavors

Grilled meat in bamboo tube is a specialty dish of the Northwestern mountainous regions of Vietnam. The main ingredient is pork (usually pork belly or shoulder) that is marinated thoroughly with special spices such as mắc khén, dổi seeds, chili, lemongrass, ginger, etc. Then, the meat is stuffed into fresh bamboo tubes and grilled over hot coals.

During the grilling process, the aroma of bamboo blends with the fragrance of meat and spices, creating an irresistible appeal. The grilled meat is soft, juicy, and flavorful without being dry. The bamboo tube with its charred shell brings a rustic and unique aftertaste.

Enjoy Grilled Meat in Bamboo Tube with AUTHENTIC FLAVOR at MET Vegetarian & Vegetarian

MET Vegetarian & Vegetarian restaurant is one of the places in Hanoi that offers delicious and authentic grilled meat in bamboo tube. The chefs here are meticulous in every step of the preparation process:

  • Fresh and delicious pork: The ingredients are carefully selected to ensure quality.
  • Rich spices: secret marinade recipe combined with typical mountain spices.
  • Fresh bamboo tubes: Bamboo is carefully selected, fresh to bring a special aroma to the dish.
  • Professional grilling technique: Grill over charcoal at the appropriate temperature, ensuring the meat is evenly cooked, not burned or raw.

Grilled meat in bamboo tube at MET Vegetarian & Vegetarian is served with sticky rice, wild vegetables, and special dipping sauce. All blend together to create an incredibly captivating mountain flavor.

Experience a Cozy Space at Reasonable Prices

Not only does it have delicious food, MET Vegetarian & Vegetarian also has a rustic and cozy space with close-to-nature bamboo and wood materials. The staff here is enthusiastic and attentive. The prices of the dishes are very reasonable, suitable for many diners.

Contact Information

Address: 29 P. Hàng Trong, Hàng Trong, Hoan Kiem, Ha Noi 11000, Vietnam

Phone number: +84 985 627 976

If you want to experience one of the unique delicacies of Vietnamese cuisine, don’t hesitate to visit MET Vegetarian & Vegetarian to enjoy the attractive grilled meat in bamboo tube!

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